Adaptor: Converts a male joint piece to female or vice versa

Atomizer: Attachment with coils for using concentrates (wax or shatter) that can be used with vape pen batteries

Banger: Dab accessory used on a rig which is heated with a torch (can be topped with a carb cap)

Bat and Dugout: Small one-hitter that fits inside a container with storage for flower

Bong (Tabletop Water Pipe): Vase-like glass contraption with bowl and downstem used to filter smoke through water for a more enjoyable smoking experience. TO USE: load bowl with ground flower, light with lighter or hemp wick, inhale through mouthpiece at top and remove bowl to clear the chamber of smoke.

Bowl: cupped piece with hole in center used to smoke flower through a bong or bubbler

Bubbler: hand-held water pipe

Cannabinoids: compounds which include the active components of cannabis

Carb: Hole used to regulate airflow in most handheld pipes

Carb Cap: Used to direct airflow and create an oven-like chamber in banger

Chillum: Straight-hitting pipe, ranging from one-hitter to large bowl

Cones: Conical joint packing paper, ground flower is packed into the open cone and the top is twisted closed

Concentrate: Condensed cannabinoids and terpenes. The concentrate high is most often felt in the mind, less full-body than smoking flower. Cannabis concentrates are frequently called “dabs” and are available in many forms: kief, hash, CO2 oil, butane hash oil (BHO), shatter, bubble hash, glass, was, crumble, budder, rosin, live resin, honey oil, distillate, etc.

Crutch: Thick, rolled paper mouthpiece used in a joint

Cure: The process of properly drying and storing freshly harvested flower. The purpose of curing is to allow moisture to be removed from the plant material to prevent bacterial growth and preserve the product for storage. Proper curing delays terpene and cannabinoid degradation.

Dab Cup: Storage chamber where exact proportions can be consumed with dab straw

Dab Rig: Smoking device similar to a bong, but adapted with a banger for smoking concentrates by filtering the vapor through water for a more enjoyable dab experience. TO USE: scoop concentrate with dab tool, heat banger with torch, use dab tool to melt concentrate against banger, inhale through mouthpiece and apply carb cap to banger (if desired).

Dab Straw: Glass tube used to take fast, efficient dabs. TO USE: heat tip to red hot, let cool 30 seconds, touch tip to concentrate and inhale.

Decarboxylate: Heating cannabinoids to convert THCa into THC by releasing CO2 and H20 (also called activating)

Diamonds: THCa crystals

Downstem/Slide: Tube that holds a bowl inside of bong

Edibles: THC infused products intended to be consumed orally

E-Nail: Electronic heated coil system used to keep bangers at a consistent temperature

Flower: The bloom of a female cannabis plant sold in the form of bud, popcorn (small buds) or shake

Glass Blunt: Glass tube with auger-like system to keep hits fresh and dispose of ash

Globe and Nail: Attachments for dab rig which can take place of a banger. TO USE: heat nail with torch, place globe around nail, touch dab to top of hot nail through opening in globe.

Grinder: Breaks flower buds down into a shake consistency, usually includes a kief catcher

Hemp Wick: Hemp cord used as a butane-free flame option

Joint: Ground flower or shake wrapped in paper for smoking

Kief (Sift): A powdery concentration of resinous, crystal-like trichomes that can be added to joints or on top of bowls

Nectar Collector: Three piece percolating dab tube, can be used with or without water (using water is recommended)

Pipe (Spoon): Handheld smoking apparatus for flower. TO USE: load the bowl with ground flower, light with lighter or hemp wick, inhale through mouth piece and use carb to regulate airflow

Poker: Long stick used for clearing clogged airways in various pieces

Rolling Papers: Gummed paper used for rolling joints

Screens: Accessory for use with a pipe which prevents ground flower from falling through the hole at the bottom of the bowl, can be made of metal or glass

Sublingual: Product like a tincture which is taken orally and absorbed through the mouth and membrane underneath the tongue

Terpene: Gives each cannabis strain its unique smell and taste, and also affect the characteristics of the high delivered

Tinctures: Oil or alcohol-based cannabinoid infused liquid product designed to be taken sublingually

Topicals: External-use cannabinoid infused products including salve, creams, balms and lotions. Most topicals are designed NOT to enter the bloodstream.

Trichomes: Microscopic protuberances on cannabis plants where cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids can be found

Transdermal: Intake method where cannabinoids are absorbed directly through the skin into the bloodstream in a slow, consistent dosage

Torch: Used in dabbing to create a hotter, more intense flame than a butane lighter

Vape Pen | Dab Pen | Battery: a vape pen includes a rechargeable battery and separate cartridge containing between .3 and .5 grams of concentrate (also available in an all-in-one disposable option). TO USE: screw the cartridge onto the charged battery, press button (unless using a draw-activated battery) and inhale through mouthpiece.